Offer a retirement plan that is all your own.

With FundReach™ by FutureBenefits of America, creating your own personalized private label retirement plan offering is easier than ever. Relying on the economies of scale and world class retirement fund technology, with FutureBenefits of America you are now able to craft the perfect plan(s) to meet all of your clients needs at some of the lowest rates in the industry.

Exchange Traded Funds

Many of our funds are traded daily on the New York Stock Exchange. In addition to a diversified investment menu, participants have access to a number of professionally managed asset allocation portfolios. These models cover a wide range of different risk/reward characteristics allowing each participant, regardless of account size, greater freedom to customize their own retirement investment strategy.

20,000 Funds and Growing

With FundReach™, you have unlimited access to over 20,000+ funds and fund families, including the most popular funds available on the market today. Historically only the largest benefits consultants could offer such a flexible and powerful retirement plan system, but now with FundReach™ by FutureBenefits of America, anyone can offer any range of retirement plan options regardless of size. Some of our most popular fund families are listed below -